Everything back to normal after the storm surge

Everything is back to normal at Le Cannucce Bath thanks to an Excellent Staff

After the sudden and powerful sea storm that affected the Maremma coast between Follonica and Marina di Grosseto, Bagno Le Cannucce returned to full operation, demonstrating an example of responsiveness and preparedness.

On the night of Monday, August 28, the bad weather reached its peak, with strong waves and the sea advancing threateningly, momentarily engulfing the beach and reaching all the way underneath the sea-facing terrace restaurant at Bagno Le Cannucce.

Thanks to the timely intervention of staff, all umbrellas and equipment were removed quickly, preventing greater damage and ensuring the safety of visitors and facilities.

The return to normalcy

As soon as weather conditions allowed, the team at Bagno Le Cannucce immediately restored all umbrellas and equipment, returning the beach to its normal operation. This allowed our guests to return to enjoy the Maremma sea and sun in record time.

The current situation September 1, 2023


The recent storm surge has reignited the debate about the fragility of our coastlines and underscored the importance of coordinated action to protect them. We are already working with local authorities and trade associations to make our beloved coast even more resilient. In the meantime, we want to thank all our guests for their understanding and patience during this difficult time. Maremma is a strong and resilient land, and with such capable and dedicated staff, we are confident that we will be able to meet whatever challenges await us in the future.

What to say. Kudos again to the Staff who handled the emergency with great professionalism.


And having overcome the emergency...we look forward to a September of good weather!